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it's been quite a while.. haha.

FINALLY! peace & quiet... george just left. he was here a min. ago. karaoke sessions do get loud sometimes. haha. noe left early tonight.. she didnt even eat dinner here. well i understand you noe... coz you have to go here tom. remember?!? you have to drop the cd. forget it again && i swear youre gonna wish you were never born. haha. jk. today i went to school just to get this stupid CWTS certificate.
im disappointed. i expected the certificate to look LEGIT but it's trash. haha.
today i also went to valuepoint with noe, cre & george. haha. (atc of BF & Philam) my sister drove us there. we started buying chocolates & we tried on some AVIATOR sunglasses. it doesnt look good on me so id rather not buy it. i looked like a bumble bee. haha. but it looks good on cre though.
then we ate dinner && my mom started getting mad at our maids since they cooked so little food. she asked them why they cook lots of food for themselves && they cook so little for us when they know that we have friends over. george got so happy. he always hated them. i felt sorry for them but there are instances where they really piss me off. one time, my mom (she's a vegetarian.) asked one of our maids to cook her fish. so she did. she cooked 2 pieces of fish. then my mom was kind of surprised when she served her the fish heads only! then when my mom checked in the kitchen, she saw both of them eating the rest of the fish. she had to settle for the head && they get to feast. that aint right. my mom just kept quiet. plus.. we buy 5 kilos of rice & it just lasts for 2 days. wtf?!? we dont even eat rice. only my sister michelle & my bro. edwin. (but only 1 small cup each.) it's ok to eat a lot but theyre not even hardworking enough. you always have to tell them what to do. gawsh.
but we should all learn to forgive.. so.. i forgive them.. ~out.
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