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    Camille. 16. Female. I'm part Chinese, Spanish, Indian American and heavy on the Filipino. I, along with my fantabulous friends can hear voices! Haha. Love my family. (I'm sweet like that!) Also luv god, he's straight up sexay! Currently taking up nursing here in the Philippines. I'm a full pledged flip... I grew up wishing on a star... I know im beautiful no matter what u say! Haha. But you know you love me right?!


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    [20 Apr 2006|10:27am]
    [ mood | lazy, byebye! ]

    HIATUS TIME!!! lol. im kinda getting lazy.. so MAJOR HIATUS for now... haha.. ciao!♥

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    it's been quite a while.. haha. [03 Apr 2006|10:43pm]
    [ mood | whutever ]

    FINALLY! peace & quiet... george just left. he was here a min. ago. karaoke sessions do get loud sometimes. haha. noe left early tonight.. she didnt even eat dinner here. well i understand you noe... coz you have to go here tom. remember?!? you have to drop the cd. forget it again && i swear youre gonna wish you were never born. haha. jk. today i went to school just to get this stupid CWTS certificate.
    im disappointed. i expected the certificate to look LEGIT but it's trash. haha.
    today i also went to valuepoint with noe, cre & george. haha. (atc of BF & Philam) my sister drove us there. we started buying chocolates & we tried on some AVIATOR sunglasses. it doesnt look good on me so id rather not buy it. i looked like a bumble bee. haha. but it looks good on cre though.
    then we ate dinner && my mom started getting mad at our maids since they cooked so little food. she asked them why they cook lots of food for themselves && they cook so little for us when they know that we have friends over. george got so happy. he always hated them. i felt sorry for them but there are instances where they really piss me off. one time, my mom (she's a vegetarian.) asked one of our maids to cook her fish. so she did. she cooked 2 pieces of fish. then my mom was kind of surprised when she served her the fish heads only! then when my mom checked in the kitchen, she saw both of them eating the rest of the fish. she had to settle for the head && they get to feast. that aint right. my mom just kept quiet. plus.. we buy 5 kilos of rice & it just lasts for 2 days. wtf?!? we dont even eat rice. only my sister michelle & my bro. edwin. (but only 1 small cup each.) it's ok to eat a lot but theyre not even hardworking enough. you always have to tell them what to do. gawsh.
    but we should all learn to forgive.. so.. i forgive them.. ~out.

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    ...... [29 Mar 2006|10:34pm]
    [ mood | happy, accomplished ]

    so today i stayed home.. huhhuhu. boredom! well yesterday my sister michelle, asked me if i wanted to go with her to villa grande?!? im not so sure i kinda forgot. at first i was kinda shy pa since people from her office are gonna be there too. but what the heck! theyre all nice anyway && besides, id rather be there than here. it's on aprill 11-12. overnight. hell yeah! swimming is good. i heard there's also a spot there where we can eat while water ripples through our feet. yay! plus there's also a fake waterfall?!? haha. some of my friends have been there && they said the food is delicious! kamayan pa daw. suirap!
    since ive been interested in belly dancing, (bec. of Shakira's sexy new music video: HIPS DON'T LIE) my friend george was kind enough to get me this belly dancing DVD. i did it twice today. but i never got to finish it. it's so tiring. Laguna Beach is on so i have to go!!! C:

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    too much caffeine. [28 Mar 2006|03:07am]
    [ mood | cheerful, bouncy ]

    it's 3 in the morning && i cant sleep. it mustve been that coke light george bought. drank lots of it. eyes prepare to plump! haha. today i went jogging with george. we were pretty tired. after jogging, we went to desiree's place. we talked about her debut partey this july. im so excited! gowns && reunion with friends... (not to mention my x lover kurt) haha. jk.
    ive been thinking about all the parties i need to attend. ( goodbye summer boredom!) first, menny's debut partey! (MAY) then george, noelle, edward's?!? & alex's?!? (JUNE) then desiree's. (JULY) im supposed to prepare a speech for desiree since she chose me as one of her 18 candles. my, my... i have to start thinking about appropriate stuff i can say about desiree (if there is any).. we dont want the oldies nagging. haha. but seriously, i want to be extra skinny so ill look good on beyonce's pink halter gown (check on it music video) that's what i plan on wearing. or maybe a dress similar to that.
    anyways.. still got my fingers crossed on my final grade in anatomy.. boy, boy. do pray for me people. btw, noelle.. i havent heard from you in like forever!!! so you need to call me up or something. i dont even know if your still alive. haha.
    the other day i went to my sister's place && i went swimming with my nephews && my cousin. it was hella fun. my nephews were just adorable. i miss them already.. C:

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    lalalalala.. [23 Mar 2006|10:59pm]
    [ mood | bored, so-so ]

    i stayed home almost the whole day. summer is boring. its odd coz when we have classes, we always go out before or after school(sometimes even during class hours.) but now that were free, we get so lazy.. haha. well at least i went to the park & jogged with my mom & my sis. 7 laps. (7 HUGE laps) hhmmm.. today i watched UFC. i watched carlos newton & pat milletich... carlos won. he's the new UFC welterweight champion. he's good. he made pat choke to submission. actually i was kind of impressed by carlos coz i heard that pat guy was unbeatable (7-0, he held on to the title for yrs...) but with just one little slip, he was beaten. well nothing else happened... today was kind of boring as i said.i hope my friends have a weekend plan or im surely gonna grow cobwebs here... my mom's always been out working.. suddenly her schedule's much more hectic now so we dont really get much family bonding. my mom invited my uncle over. there might be a family bonding time tom. lol. i think theyre gonna do what they do best... drink red wine. haha. alcoholics! jk. C:

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